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Project Profile

Construction of Satellite Township with Multi-storied Flat Building
at Section 9, Mirpur, Dhaka
Project Information
Project Name:
Construction of Satellite Township with Multi-storied Flat Building at Section 9, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ministry of Housing and Public Works
Implementing Agency:
National Housing Authority
Mirpur, Dhaka
Estimated Capital Cost:
< $6m
> $500m
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the project on 14 November, 2012.
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is the largest and most densely populated city in the country. The city is home to around 16 million people, around 10% of the country's total population. The population of the City is increasing rapidly and is expected to double over the next 20 years.

Given the dense population, there is a significant shortage in the availability of residential accommodation. The shortage of housing, and in particular affordable housing, causes acute difficulties for families both in the public and private sector. Estimates have shown that around 60% of the total income of middle income families is spenton accommodation.

Development of affordable housing accommodation is a key initiative for the National Housing Authority (NHA). In line with their remit, NHA are looking to develop a 5 acre plot of land in Mirpur (in the north west part of Dhaka) to construct an affordable housing complex.
To increase the availability of affordable housing in a planned and structured manner and reduce the acute housing problems for middle income families. To investigate the use of modern technologies and materials so as to reduce the cost and time for development and construction.
Project Scope:
Design, construction, operation and maintenance of around 11 multistoried buildings providing residential accommodation and ancillary facilities (including, internal roads, footpath, utility facilities, landscaping etc).
Project Implementation Period:
Development Period: 2014 - 2015
Procurement Period: 2015 - 2016
CP Stage (Implementation Phase)
CCEA approved (In Principle) on 14 November, 2012
Contract signed with Private Partner on 30 November, 2018
Private Partner: Tropical Homes Ltd.

Director (Finance)
Phone: +88 55007419
Public Private Partnership Authority
Prime Minister's Office
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