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Government with the vision of providing access of Internet to rural areas has adopted two different packages to connect 1307 and 1293 unions under internet connectivity under the Info Sarkar- Phase 3 project. The project will also cater for the development of network infrastructure & backbone network to all the districts & at 488-upazilla level.

The government currently owns around 19500km of optical fiber cable network between upazilla to union level and under this project apart from development of new network infrastructure the private sector will also be responsible for maintenance and operation of existing network which is very critical part of this project.

Considering the urgency of the need, Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) as the initiating and executing agency has proposed the project to be undertaken as National priority project (NPP) as per the section 15 of the PPP law. NPP allows for a fast track project implementation process following the NPP rules 2018 as necessitated to accelerate the socio-economic development of the country or for mitigating the effects of any major adversity faced by the general public on an urgent basis

The objectives of this project are:

•  To ensure better internet connectivity with rural areas of Bangladesh.

•  To achieve economic growth target by providing a safe, reliable & access controlled highway.

•  To improve quality of life of the people using the service.