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Khulna is one of the old district headquarters which has the second port of the country at Mongla and the world famous Shundarban, the largest mangrove forest of the world. Khulan has been expanding rapidly in terms of industrial and other commercial activities. It also has significant tourism based activities and attracts domestic and international businesses as well as visitors. However, there has been an acute shortage of standard accommodation facilities in Khulna. With increasing purchasing power of the people of the city, it also requires enhanced and modernized shopping facility. Within this demand and with the objective of realizing optimum commercial value from the unutilized land, Bangladesh Railway has proposed a shopping complex-cum-guest house on PPP basis on BR’s unused land in Khulna. Bangladesh Railway (BR) has earmarked an area of approximately 1.75 acres of land for this project.

Moreover, development of commercial shopping complex-cum-guest house facilities within the station area will enhance the user experience of rail passengers by providing an integrated and enhanced range of railway station facilities and services. Integration of standard shopping and accommodation facilities as part of overall station complex will also ensure existing station assets (i.e car parking, common spaces, restrooms etc.) are utilized more efficiently.

The objectives of this project are:

•  To render standard accommodation and shopping facilities to the general people of Khulna as well as BR’s employees.

•  To increase revenue earning potential of Bangladesh Railway.

•  To ensure more efficient utilization of Bangladesh Railway assets.